Multiplying and Dividing Integers

The lesson below is still images taken from the fully animated PowerPoint I created that is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store page. If the PowerPoint is not one of my freebies, you may also head over to my YouTube channel to see the slideshow fully animated and can pause as needed to be sure you grasp each concept before moving forward (each lesson will always be free there!).

This lesson will continue our work with integers by explaining how to multiply and divide with both positive and negative numbers. Cheer up, this part is actually easier to remember than adding and subtracting! Just remember two rules: same signs mean a positive answer, and different signs mean a negative answer.

So without further ado, read through the slides below to get a feel for how to multiply and divide integers so that you’ll have a complete understanding of what to do with these new numbers!

Mult and Div Int 1Mult and Div Int 2Mult and Div Int 3Mult and Div Int 4Mult and Div Int 5Mult and Div Int 6Mult and Div Int 7Mult and Div Int 8Mult and Div Int 9

Phew, that’s a lot to take in. Once you’ve gone over this and found some practice problems to cement the idea in your head what integers are, you may move on to the next lesson below!

Properties of Numbers